How to use emojis in Microsoft Outlook?

Emojis are a great way to express your feelings. We all use emojis on social media sites dozens of times a day. But what if you want to express your emotion in an email sent from Microsoft Outlook?

Well, there are multiple ways to do so. And, most importantly it’s easy once you know how to place those emojis in your email. So, let’s begin. 

How to use emojis in Microsoft Outlook?

Use Outlook Emoji Shortcuts

You can use emoji shortcuts in Outlook like you do in oher messaging platforms. For that, you have to remember how to construct an emoji from symbols. For example:

  • 😉 to wink, you have to use “;” first, then “)”
  • To laugh like this 😀 , type “:” and then type “D”
  • To use sad emoji 🙁 , type “:” and then “(”.
Outlook Emoji Shortcuts

Just Copy and Paste from web

It’s the easiest way to use emojis on Microsoft Outlook if you don’t know the shortcuts of emojis. You can simply copy emojis from anywhere.

  • Just select the emoji with your mouse cursor.
  • Press Ctrl + C to copy the emoji.
  • Go to Microsoft Outlook and press Ctrl + V to paste the emoji wherever you want.

Insert Emojis from Emoji Keyboard

Microsoft emojis have an emoji keyboard, which makes it realy easy to insert any emojis without having to know the shortcuts or copy paste. You can simply search for which kind of emoji you want and pick your preferable emoji. 

  • Open Outlook and go to the email where you want to insert emojis. 
  • Press Windows Key + . at the same time. 
  • An emoji keyboard will appear. Just type which kind of emoji you want like funny or sad.
  • Pick your favorite emoji from the matching search results.

Insert Emojis using Outlook Feature

Microsoft Outlook comes with a built-in feature to insert symbols in your email. It’s available in the Outlook app in Windows.

  • Open Outlook and navigate to your email.
  • From the menu, click on Insert > Symbol.
  • Click on More symbols.
  • Pick your emoji.

Insert Outlook emojis from a browser

  • Visit and login to your account email.
  • Start composing your email.
  • There will be an emoji symbol.
  • Click on it and select your emoji.

Emojis are fun. They help us express how we are feeling about that particular thing. You may not use emojis in your professional email. But, it’s a must thing to do if you are emailing your friends or family. 

Though some tricks like copy pasting or outlook emoji shortcuts will work on most of the places on the internet, Outlook app on Windows and their website makes it easier by providing built-in emoji options.