How to start page numbering on page 3 in Word

When we have multiple pages, the page numbering always starts from the first page. We don’t always want to start numbering from the first page. For example, if the first two pages have non-important data for any task, we have to start page numbering from page 3. 

There are some basic steps to follow to start page numbering on page 3 in a Microsoft Word Document. Follow these steps carefully and you will be able to start page numbering on any page you want.

Start page numbering on page 3 in Word

  • Open the document in Microsoft Word. Go to the end of page number 2 if you are willing to start page numbering on page 3. Basically, you have to go to the end of the last page you want without the page number.
  • In the navigation bar, navigate to Layout > Breaks > Section Break > Next Page. It will break the whole document into sections and you will be able to number pages manually.
  • Now to go to the page on which you want to start numbering, in this case, click on page number 3. From the Navigation panel, go to Design and disable Link to Previous
  • To start custom numbering, scroll to the bottom of page 3 and navigate to Insert >  Page Number > Format page numbers from the navigation panel.
  • Mark Page numbering starts at and enters the page number on which you want to begin the page numbering. In this case, enter 3 in the box and click Ok.
  • Remove the page numbering from the first two pages because now page 3 will be renamed as page 1. 
Page Numbering on Page 3

Note: Page 3 is an example here. You can start numbering on any page. All you have to do is just replace page 3 with the page you want and replace page 2 with the previous page of that desired page. The process is the same.