How to view, edit or delete saved passwords on Chrome?

You can save your passwords on the Google Chrome browser. If you are signed into a Google account, you can sync the saved passwords across all devices that use the same account. 

Sometimes you may forget the password you used on a website, so seeing it will make your memory fresh. Or, if you are not comfortable saving passwords of some sensitive websites, you can delete them from your browser; it will also delete them from all synced devices. 

View, edit, or modify saved passwords on Chrome PC

There’s one important piece of information you need to know if you are willing to view or modify the saved passwords of any browser on a computer; it’s the login password of the user account. Without that password, you can’t see, edit or delete saved passwords on Chrome. 

If you know the user account password, then open Google Chrome on your computer. There’s a menu icon at the top right corner; click on it and go to Settings

Go to Chrome Settings

Click on Auto-fill from the left sidebar of the Settings page.

Go to Password Manager

Go to Password Manager from this page. It will show a list of all saved passwords and the site names. You can view the username/email and site name without the user account password. 

Click on the password you want to view

Click on a password you want to view or modify and enter your user account password; then press Enter

Enter password to view password

You can view the password by clicking on the eye icon or copying the password to the clipboard using the nearby button.

Click on the eye icon

To edit the password and username/site name, click on the Edit button, edit the login credentials, and click Save

Edit saved passwords Chrome

You can remove the saved password from Chrome and your Google Account by pressing the Delete button. It will remove the password without asking for any confirmation. However, if you delete a password by mistake, quickly press the Undo button at the bottom left corner. 

Delete saved passwords on Chrome

View, Edit, or Modify Saved Password on Chrome Android/iPhone/iPad

Chrome mobile version also has a dedicated Password Manager section where you can view, modify or remove saved passwords. 

Launch Google Chrome on your device and tap on the horizontal three-dot menu icon at the top right corner; the menu icon is at the bottom right corner on the iOS device.

Go to Settings from the menu. 

Tap on Settings

Under the Basics section, tap on Password Manager. You can view the site name and username like the computer version without your screen lock. 

Tap on Password Manager

Tap on the password you want to view or modify. Then, tap on the eye icon to view your password. It will ask for your phone lock to proceed. After that, the saved password will be visible on the screen.

Tap on the eye icon

On the other hand, you can modify the password without any screen lock but can’t view it. Remove the hidden password, provide a new password, and press Done

You can also delete any saved password on Chrome Android, but unlike the computer, it will ask for your confirmation. Tap on the Delete icon above the password you are willing to delete. 

Tap on Delete

Then tap on Delete on the pop-up to proceed. 

Can you remove a password from one device only?

Yes, it’s possible to delete saved passwords from a specific device only. But it will cause a problem. You have to modify the syncing settings of your Google Account before deleting a password. 

Because when Google syncs your password across your devices if you delete a password on a device, it will remove the password from that device, your Google Account, and all devices syncing using the same account. 

You can turn off password syncing from your computer or smartphone very quickly. 

Disable Chrome Password Sync on a computer

Open Google Chrome on your computer and click on the menu icon at the top right corner. Then go to Settings.

Go to Chrome Settings

It opens the You and Google page in Settings. Click on Sync and Google services from this page. 

Click on Sync and Google services

Click on Manage what you sync in the Sync section. 

Manage what you sync

Google syncs everything by default; choose Customize sync

Customize sync

Now scroll down and toggle off Passwords. It means the passwords available in Chrome are available locally, and you can remove them from your computer without removing them from all devices and Google Account. 

Toggle off Passwords

Disable Chrome Password Sync on Android/iPhone

Open Google Chrome on your smartphone, tap on the menu icon, and go to Settings from the menu. 

Tap on Settings

Tap on Sync from the settings page. 

Tap on Sync

Sync everything is toggled on by default; toggle off this option.

Toggle Off Sync Everything

Then unselect Passwords. Now you can remove any password you want by following the process mentioned above. 

Unselect Passwords

You can also turn off Google Password Manager from your Chrome browser. If you turn it off, Google Chrome won’t try to save your password.

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