How to view archived emails in Gmail?

You can organize your primary inbox by archiving completed or unnecessary conversations. Archiving emails will move them to the All Mail folder but won’t delete them from your account. You can access All Mail easily from a web browser or Gmail mobile app.

It’s easy to archive an email and unarchive it. As well as, an archived email can re-appear in your primary inbox under a particular condition. 

In this article, I will explain how to view archived emails in Gmail and under what conditions an archived email can reappear in your primary inbox.

How to view archived emails in Gmail?

When you move your mouse cursor over an email on the web, an archive icon appears alongside other icons. On the other hand, if you swipe an email to the right on the Gmail app, it archives the email. 

Most people can’t find archived emails because there is no Archived section in the Gmail menu bar. 

  1. Open a web browser on your computer and visit the Gmail website
  2. Click More to expand all options in the left navigation bar on the website. Click on More
  3.  Click on All Mail from the menu. It will show all emails that are not in Trash from your account. Click on All Mail 
  4. Those emails from your primary inbox will have an Inbox label, but archived ones will have no Inbox level before the Subject. Find archived emails with no Inbox label

For the Gmail app on your smartphone

  1. Launch the Gmail application and click on the menu icon at the top left corner. Tap on the menu icon
  2. Then tap on All mail. Click on All Mail
  3. Like the web version, archived emails won’t have an Inbox label.  Identify archived emails easily

How to view only archived emails on Gmail?

The All Mail method mentioned above is easy to apply but contains unarchived emails too. There’s a way to view only archived emails on the Gmail website or app.

First, open the Gmail website on a web browser or launch the app on your smartphone. Click on the search bar of Gmail.

View only archived emails

Then type in:archive and press Enter. It will show only archived emails. It’s a great way to focus because there won’t be any emails from the primary inbox, so you won’t have to look for the labels.

One condition when archived emails appear in Inbox

You can archive an ongoing conversion from your Inbox. You can also reply to the archived emails from All Mails. But if the sender sends a new reply to the email that you archived, the email will re-appear in your Inbox.

Sometimes you may mistakenly archive an email. There’s no need to worry about this, as archiving doesn’t delete the email from your account, and you can archive emails whenever you want. 

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