How To: Turn off Auto Correction in Android and iPhone

Auto-correction sucks!  Specially when you are chatting with pace, you can send weird words due to auto correction. We often find some memes about auto-corrected words. If you don’t want to be a meme, it’s better to turn it off. 

And, you can easily turn off auto-correction no matter whether you are Android or iPhone user.  In this guide, I will show how to turn off auto-correction in iPhone and Android. 

Disable auto-correction in Android with Gboard

  • Go to Settings > System
  • Tap on Language & Input. 
  • Click on On-Screen keyboard. 
  • Then click on Gboard. 
  • Tap on Text Correction.  
  • In Corrections section, toogle the Auto-correction to turn it off. 

Disable Auto-correction without Gboard

Samsung mobile doesn’t have Gboard built-in. They use a keyboard called Samsung keyboard. Which is slightly different than the Gboard. To turn off auto-correction in your samsung device: 

  • Go to Settings > Language and input
  • In Keyboard and input preferences, tap on Samsung Keyboard.  
  • Under Snart tyoing section, disable the Predictive text option. 

Disable Auto-Correction in iPhone

  • Go to Settings > General. 
  • Scroll down and tap on Keyboard. 
  • Disable the auto-correction option. 

Disclaimer: After disabling auto-correction, your keyboard will still suggest you words, but it won’t correct the word unless you click on one of those suggested words.