How to transfer ownership of a Discord server?

There are situations where you must transfer ownership of your discord server before you take a break. For example, you can’t delete your Discord account if you own any server.

You can transfer a server to any member and can’t undo the action once it’s completed. The new owner can remove you from the server anytime. 

Transfer Discord Server Ownership On A Computer

On a computer, you can use the Desktop app or Discord web on a web browser. So, launch the desktop app or visit and log in to your account. 

A left navigation panel contains all the servers you are a member of and own. Right-click on the server icon and move the mouse cursor to the Server Settings; another menu will appear on the screen; click on Members

Go to Members list

It will show the list of all members of your server. There’s a three-dot icon beside every member’s name. Click on the icon beside the user who will be the new owner. You can see a menu with different options; click on Transfer Ownership

Click on Transfer Ownership

A pop-up will ask for confirmation. Acknowledge that you are officially transferring the ownership to that selected member and click on Transfer Ownership.

Transfer Ownership

That’s it, and you are no longer the owner of that server. And when you have successfully transferred all the servers you own, you can delete your account anytime you want. 

Transfer Discord Server Ownership On Mobile App

You are not alone; many people operate a discord server from their phone. If you are done running a server and want to leave the space, here’s how you can transfer the ownership using the mobile app:

  1. Launch the Discord app and go to the app’s homepage if you are inside any text channel or message.
  2. Tap and hold the server icon you want to transfer and click on More options
  3. Some options will appear on your screen; tap on Settings, and it will take you to the Server Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and click on Members. It’s a list of all server members.
  5. Tap on the user who will be the new owner and then tap on Transfer Ownership
  6. A pop-up will ask you to acknowledge that you are officially transferring the server; select it and click on Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone else transferred my server; what can I do?

You can’t do anything once the transfer is completed. Discord doesn’t have two-step confirmation via email or wait till the new owner accepts the request. The process takes only a few seconds. If you lose access to the server, you can’t undo it.

Can I transfer ownership for a while?

If you temporarily deactivate your discord account, you can transfer the ownership to a friend you can trust. So don’t transfer the ownership to a random online friend because you can only get back your server if the new owner willingly transfers the ownership.

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