How to stop Reddit emails?

Emails are the trigger social media sites use to keep you hooked. If you are an active Redditor, your Inbox can be spammed by Reddit emails. Because by default Reddit send notifications for everything. 

When you join a subreddit, get upvotes, receive comments on your post, daily email, weekly email, and whatnot. You can stop receiving emails from Reddit altogether or only specific ones for particular activities. 

How to stop receiving Reddit emails?

Reddit Mobile App

According to Statista, Reddit received 2.7 billion visits from Mobile and 1.12 from Desktop. So, we are going to follow the mobile-first approach. 

  1. Open the Reddit app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on your Reddit avatar at the top right corner and go to Settings. Go to Settings
  3. In the General section, tap on u/username. Go to Settings
  4. Navigate to Contact settings and tap on Manage emails. Tap on Manage emails
  5. Toggle off what you don’t want in the Messages, Activity, or Newsletters section.
  6. To stop receiving all emails, toggle on Unsubscribe from all emailsUnsubscribe from all emails

Reddit Website on PC

If you use Reddit on your Desktop, you can still receive continuous email updates on your mobile app. It makes it harder to keep your Inbox clean. 

Here’s how to stop emails on the Desktop site:

  1. Open a web browser and visit
  2. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner and go to User Settings. Go to User Settings
  3. Switch to the Emails tab. Switch to Emails
  4. Disable any kind of email or toggle on Unsubscribe from all emailsClick on unsubscribe from all emails

Social media emails are a distraction to our daily life. You may not turn on your Reddit app,  yet you will continuously receive who commented on your posts, who mentioned you, welcome messages, etc. 

Email settings are for notifications only. Stopping all these notifications will help you to focus on your work and keep your inbox clean. 

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