How to show you are watching YouTube on Discord?

You can show what you are watching on YouTube on your Discord profile. It also includes the link to the video and the duration. You have to install an application on your computer and an extension on your browser.

The good thing is you can pause showing your activity whenever you want or show activity from other sites using this software.

Show what you are watching on YouTube on Discord

Install PreMID Application On Your Computer


PreMiD is an open-source utility application that has over 500k users worldwide. Their application is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Visit their site and download the application. Then, install the application on your computer. 

Install PreMiD Extension on your web browser.

Again, visit the Downloads section of PreMiD and click on the browser name you are using. Their extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

PreMiD for Chrome

In this tutorial, I am using Chrome to demonstrate. So, click on Google Chrome on their downloads page. It will open Chrome Web Store in a new tab. 

Add to Chrome

Click Add to Chrome, and a pop-up will appear on your screen. Click on Add Extension from the pop-up. It will take a while to install the extension on your browser. 

Show You Are Watching YouTube on Discord

Once the extension is installed, click on the Extensions icon from the toolbar of Chrome. Then, click on PreMiD

Show YouTube Activity

In the Presence section, check whether YouTube is enabled. Now visit YouTube from Chrome and start watching whatever you want. Your activity will display under the Playing a game section.

YouTube as Game

Hide Your YouTube Activity On Discord

Once you are done sharing your YouTube activity with your friends, turn it off, or it will continue showing. You can do it from the PreMiD extension icon.

Open Google Chrome and click on the Extensions icon and then click on PreMid. In the Presence section, toggle off YouTube. 

Quick tip: Click on the Extensions icon and pin PreMiD. So, the PreMiD icon will be visible on the toolbar. You can access it with a single click.

Pin PreMid Application

About PreMiD

Most people hesitate to use PreMiD. Because if it’s showing YouTube history, it may spy on your overall browsing history. Well, PreMiD is an open-source application. Its code is visible to the public. Nothing suspicious about it, and you can use it without worrying. Visit the PreMiD store to check the websites they support. 

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