How to see deleted Reddit posts?

Reddit is a wild place where weird things go viral. It’s also a place where hundreds of posts and comments get deleted/removed. Why?

Because Reddit is a strict place. Quality talks and irrelevant things are deleted from Reddit surface. But sometimes you won’t get a solid reason why a post was removed by moderators.

You will often find yourself in a position when you go through your saved/bookmarked reddit posts and open a Post but it’s deleted/removed. 

Deleted posts can’t be recovered again as it’s a one-way process. But is there no way to see deleted reddit posts?

There are some methods you may try, but I warn you there’s no way to be 100% sure that all the posts/comments will be accessible via these third party tools. 

See Deleted Posts on Removeddit

What is Removeddit? It’s a third party tool that lets you see deleted and removed reddit posts. If you have the link of the reddit thread, then just replace with 

For example, here’s a deleted thread from reddit:

After replacing with, it looks like

Along with the deleted post, you will see some comments if they were archived. Removeddit works perfect for recent posts. It may not work properly for order posts.

Read Deleted Comments Using Resavr

Resavr was created to save everything posted on the internet. Unlike Removeddit, it doesn’t save the deleted posts and comments. It only saves the comments that were deleted.

Now you can’t access the comments of a specific post through URLs. All you can do is visit resavr and check the deleted comments on their homepage.

You can find almost all deleted comments on resavr. Specially those comments that were above 650 characters will be saved.

Google Cache 

Google Webcache works like a charm for recent posts. It’s a good strategy to check the deleted post, as well as some top comments and replies. What you can’t check is the entire discussion.

How to make use of Google Webcache? 

  • Just visit from your browser on a computer.
  • On the search box, paste the thread title or the URL of the deleted post.
  • Click on the downside icon near the URL on Google search result.
  • Click on Cached and you will see the cached version. 

Wayback machine

Wayback Machine is a tool which saves copies of web pages. It will be not so useful for a giant site like Reddit that has millions of pages. Still I am mentioning this tool so that you can make sure of it in near future.

If the page has a saved copy, you can see the date and time when the page was cached. But if it doesn’t give any result, that means it didn’t save the page.

But now I will show you how you can use this tool for your good. From now on, you can archive your favorite reddit threads so you can see the saved version whenever you want even if the original post gets removed.

  • Visit
  • Under the Save Page Now, enter the URL of a Reddit thread you want to save.
  • Press the Save Page button.
  • Again Click on Save Page.

Note, the version will be the same as Google Webcache. You should only do it if the post itself is your main priority, not the comments.

No social site will ever allow you to see deleted posts. Reddit is no different. Third party tools do the job sometimes. Most of the time, it’s gone forever.