How to quote on Reddit?

Reddit is a place where conversation goes on for a long period of time. Sometimes the conversation turns out to be an argument. Whatever it turns out, you may actually need to quote some texts to elaborate. 

But do you know the process of quoting on Reddit is quite different on the mobile app and the web version? 

The web version has a dedicated quote button. You just need to press that quote button and paste the text you want to quote. But the process is manual in the mobile app. In this guideline, I will show you how to quote on Reddit from a computer or the Reddit mobile app. 

How to quote on Reddit from a computer

  1. Visit from a browser on your computer. (Make sure you are logged into your Reddit account.)
  2. If you want to quote on a Reddit post, click on the quote block icon and enter the quote text.
  3. If you want to quote on a Reddit comment, which most people do, go to the comments and click on the icon and press the quote block icon. Then enter the text you want to quote. 
  4. After quoting the text press Enter 3 times and then you can type normal text.

How to quote on Reddit from the mobile app

  1. Open the Reddit app and go to the post/comment where you want to quote.
  2. Type > (> and a space) and enter the text you want to comment.
  3. Post your submission/comment and it will become a comment. There is no preview on the mobile app as of now.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to quote texts on Reddit. In the web version, it’s available on the editor. But in mobile apps, it becomes confusing as there’s no clue about the quote block. 

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