How to post pictures on Reddit?

How to post pictures on Reddit? If you are asking this question because if you are unable to upload images on some specific subreddit, then the short answer is you can’t post pictures on all subreddits.

Subreddit moderators can select allowed content types on their subreddits. For example, if you go to /r/Android, you can see that they allow only text and link posts. You can’t post images on the subreddit.

However if that’s not the issue and you don’t know how to post images on Reddit, then this detailed guide will help you understand the basics of uploading images.

Post Pictures on reddit from a browser

The beauty of the web version is you can see the allowed post types in a particular subreddit. If it allows images, then let’s continue:

  • Go to the subreddit where you want to post an image.
  • Click on Create Post.
  • Tap on Image & Video.
  • Click on the Upload button and select the picture from your computer.
  • Now give a title explaining the picture you have uploaded.
  • Read all the rules mentioned on the sidebar before smashing the Post button.

Post Pictures on reddit app

The Reddit app makes it easier to post pictures. You can upload your picture first then you can pick the subreddit where you want to post the image.

  • Open the Reddit app on your Android/iOS device.
  • Click on the + icon on the footer bar.
  • Tap on Image.
  • Select an image from your device.
  • Then Give an interesting title.
  • Choose a community where you want to submit.
  • Click on the Rules to read the community rules to avoid post removal.
  • Smash that Post button.

Now if you want to host the image on a third party site before posting it on Reddit, you can do that too. 

But you have to post as a link. Suppose, you have an image you want to post. You can upload it to Imgur, get the Imgur shortlink and post it on Reddit as Link.

Make sure the community allows links to image hosting sites, or else your post will be removed. How can you check that?

Whether you use the web version or mobile version, on the Create Post page, you will see the subreddit rules. If it says linking to 3rd party hosting sites is not allowed, simply avoid that subreddit or upload directly.