How to post on Reddit?

If you want to get karma on Reddit, you have to know how to post on Reddit in a proper way. Reddit is not just about posting whatever comes across your mind. It’s more than that. 

Reddit allows you to post on your own timeline or you can submit your post on one of the subreddits you have already joined in. For your timeline, you can post any type of content such as text, links, images or polls. 

You can’t post on subreddits you are not a member of as well as you can’t post every type of content in all subreddits. There are content limitations for most of the subreddits.

In this guideline, you will learn how to post on Reddit without getting banned. Along with that, you will learn the way to submit your post from a computer or a smartphone. 

So, let’s get started.

How to post on Reddit from a computer?

  1. Visit on a browser and log in to your Reddit account.
  2. On the Reddit homepage, click on Create Post.
  3. Click on Choose a Community. Click on Choose a Community
  4. You can either pick your timeline or one of the subreddits you already joined. From the list, click on a subreddit where you want to submit a post.
  5. Depending on the subreddit rules, you can see the allowed submission type. For example, in /r/Android, you can only submit text or links. No images/videos and polls are allowed on this subreddit.
  6. On the sidebar, you can find the rules of that selected subreddit. Read them very carefully unless you want a ban from the subreddit.
  7. Write a catchy title and add flairs. For example. If your content has NSFW content, tag NSFW. If you are giving a SPOILER, tag SPOILER on your submission.
  8. At last, hit the Post button and your post will be submitted to the subreddit. 

How to post on Reddit from the mobile app?

If you use the Reddit app on your smartphone, you can easily post on Reddit. 

  1. Open the Reddit app on your mobile and log in to your Reddit account.
  2. On the homepage of the app, click on the + icon.
  3. Choose what type of content you want to submit.
  4. Choose your profile or a community from the list.
  5. Click on the Rules to read the community rules so that you refrain from breaking any rules.
  6. Provide a catchy title and upload/write your content.
  7. Hit the post button and your post will be submitted.

Now these two methods offer more flexibility. As you can choose the community or your profile manually.

But you don’t need to post from the homepage all the time. Suppose if you are a dedicated subscriber of /r/funny subreddit which you browse often.

You can directly visit the subreddit page and there you will find a Create Post button if you are already logged in. Or if you want to post on your timeline, just visit your profile and submit a post on your timeline.

Posting on Reddit is easy, the harder part is maintaining the community rules and providing value. Always follow the rules and try to provide your absolute best on the specific topic.

Best of luck for your Reddit journey.