How to lock your Facebook profile? Or, how to unlock?


A few days ago, I visited a Facebook profile of one of my friend, who was not in my friend list.  At the bottom of his profile name, there is a blue pill, which says “This Profile is locked

When I visited his timeline, I saw a notice. “Only his friends can see his photos”. Within this few days, I also noticed almost a dozen ID with this blue pill, then finally got a solution to lock your Facebook Account.

It’s very to easy and you can lock your profile picture too within a minute. But, before you do so, you have to know, what does it mean by locking your profile.

Lock your Profile and protect your information

  • Locking your profile will protect your photos from those who are not in your friend list. Means, only your friends can see your photos.
  • Only your friends will be able to see your full profile picture. Others can see the small picture.
  • It will hide your posts from those who are not your friends on Facebook, that means all of your posts and photos will be friends only.

How to lock my Facebook profile

How to unlock your locked facebook profile?

What if you want to unlock your profile and make posts and photos public? There is a way for this too. And, it will also take only a minute.

  • Visit and go to your profile page.
  • Click on You Locked Your Profile. Click on You Locked Your Profile
  •  Click on Unlock button. Click on Unlock
  • Click on Unlock your profile. Unlock Your Facebook Profile
  •  Your Profile will be unlocked.

So, should you use this feature? It totally depends on you. If you don’t want to keep your public posts/photos public, you can simply lock your profile. Or, if you don’t want to hide everything from the public, you can unblock your profile too.



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