How to leave a Discord server?

People use Discord for gaming, work, or entertainment. But almost everyone joins some servers that are non-work related, or someone from the friend list invited them to join. 

If you are a member of some servers you joined previously, but they are no longer related to your life anymore, you can leave those servers. 

How to leave a Discord server?

Open the Discord app on your computer or open a web browser, visit, and log in to your account. 

A left navigation bar on Discord shows all of the servers you have joined. Right-click on the server icon from the navigation bar that you want to leave and click on Leave Server from the menu.

Click on Leave Server

A pop-up will ask for your confirmation; click on Leave Server from the pop-up. You will no longer be a member of that server.

Confirm to leave the server

If you are a discord mobile user, you can leave a server you want. Press and hold the server icon from the left sidebar and tap on More options.

Click on More Options

Scroll down to the page and click Leave Server; a pop-up will ask for your confirmation; click Yes.

Tap on Leave Server

What happens when you leave the server?

Some think leaving a discord server will also erase their activity on text channels, which is entirely wrong. Your messages stay on the channels even after you have left. 

Your messages only disappear when you are banned on the server, and the admin chooses to remove your messages. As well as it will also remove your user roles from your profile. If you consider rejoining the server, you must gain those roles from scratch again. 

How to leave multiple servers on Discord?

There was a time when you could turn on developer mode on Discord, copy the account token using inspect element and use a python script on Replit to mass delete Discord servers.

But the script doesn’t work anymore, though it was slower than leaving servers one by one. Because you need to copy the server IDs, you are willing to leave. 

As of now, you can’t leave multiple servers on Discord at once. You have to leave a server at a time using the process mentioned above. 

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