How to get Karma on Reddit?

How to get karma on Reddit? I asked myself this question when I first joined Reddit. Because I was unable to join some subreddits because I had lower karma than the requirements. 

Back then, karma was divided as Link Karma and Comment karma. The higher amount of comment upvotes you get, the more comment karma you gain. And the higher your submission gets upvotes, you gain higher Link karma. 

In the new version of Reddit, the comment and link karma mixed and referred to as Karma.  Now let’s discuss what it is, what it means and how can you increase karma on Reddit. 

What is Reddit Karma?

Karma is like points. It’s related to the upvotes and downvotes you get for a particular submission/comment. But you won’t get 1 point added for each upvote on your submission/comment. The algorithm is hidden and nobody knows how much karma you will get for a certain amount of upvotes.

There are some theories on how Reddit offers karma. But remember, there’s no official explanation on how karma works on Reddit.

What does Karma mean on Reddit?

Karma on Reddit represents the overall authenticity you have on reddit. If you have higher Karma that means you are providing useful content to the community. Suppose you are active on /r/funny and you have thousands of Karma, that indicates your content is funny and people are enjoying your content.

Along with that, some communities have a minimum karma limit for joining/posting/commenting. For instance, you can’t submit post/comment on some specific  subreddits just after creating a reddit account.

So if you have a long term plan for Reddit, you should focus on increasing your Reddit karma. There are many ways to increase your karma on Reddit.

How to get Karma on Reddit?

Always remember, one trick may work for someone and still may not work for you. You have to understand the concept and tweak until you find a method that works for your community.

Use AskReddit wisely

AskReddit is the first option you can try to increase your Reddit karma. As you guess from the title, it’s a subreddit where you can submit those questions people will find interesting.

You won’t have to be the one who asks questions. You can give a thoughtful answer which proves your knowledge in the specific topic. The answer doesn’t always have to be insightful, based on the topic it can be funny too.

There are hundreds of questions on this subreddit. You can answer on the top questions or hot questions to gain karma. 

Use Funny Subreddit

There ain’t a funnier place than Reddit. It’s a huge community of 36 million subscribers and dozens of thousands of people are always online. You can analyze the top submissions and post a funny video/picture/gif. 

As well as you can comment on hot funny submissions to increase your karma. But make sure you are following the subreddit rules or your account will be banned. I was banned from multiple subreddits for breaking the rules.

Go to the Reddit Hot page directly

The hot page of Reddit is full of rising submissions. Your comment may not get highlighted on already popular submission as there will be thousands of comments. But on hot submissions there will be less comments and you  will always have a chance. 

But remember, just commenting won’t be helpful. Your comment must be related to the context of the post. 

Don’t repost in  a subreddit where reposting is restricted

For instance, if you are trying to submit a post on /r/funny, you have to make sure that the post was never posted on /r/funny or your submission will be removed. How can you know if a post was already submitted on a particular subreddit?

There’s a tool called KarmaDecay, where you can upload your image before submitting and check whether an image was submitted before. 

Let other redditors help you

There’s a subreddit called freekarma4u, as the name refers it’s a community of people who will willingly upvote your submission so that you can get some free karma. There are thousands of online members who are helping each other.

As a new redditor, you can get help from this awesome subreddit. 

Redditors won’t spare low-quality content

This is something you should keep in mind. Reddit is a serious place, even the rules of /r/funny is strict as any other subreddits. The only thing the reddit community hates most is low-quality/effort submission/comment.

Before submitting any question/image/video/link, analyze the top and hot posts of that subreddit. You will get a crystal clear idea on what that community prefers. And avoid hateful and racist comments.

If your submission gets removed from any subreddit, don’t try to submit the same type of content, or else you might be banned from the subreddit.

Remember, Reddit is more of a sprint than a marathon. If you want to use reddit in your favour, you have to be consistent and follow the rules.

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Can users give karma or can only mods do that?

Karma is not something users or moderators can exchange. You will get karma when someone upvotes your submission/comment. Whether it’s a user or a moderator who upvotes, you will gain karma.

Do I need an account to get Reddit karma?

As I said before, karma is related with your submission and comment. Without a user account, you won’t be able to post and comment, hence you won’t get any karma.

How can I post on Reddit from an iPhone?

Yes, you can post on Reddit from your iPhone. They have an official app for iOS which you can find on the App Store.

If one user up-votes 5 of my posts, will I receive 10 karma points?

If you have multiple submissions, you will get karma for all individual posts. But, one user can upvote any particular submission only 1 time.

Do I get karma from the posts on my own subreddit?

Karma is a reddit thing not a subreddit thing. Doesn’t matter who owns a subreddit, as long as your posts/comments get upvoted, you will gain karma. 

How do I know why my karma went down on Reddit?

This is a common scenario in Reddit. You can’t expect to get 100% upvotes on any posts. Browse through your profile and see which posts/comments are getting downvotes, these are the reasons why your karma is getting lower.

Do I only get karma for upvotes on my posts?

No. You will get karma for all the upvotes you get in both your posts and comments.