“What’s the name of that song? ” We all face this moment randomly on our life. While travelling to somewhere, on public places, coffee shop or anywhere. There are some songs which fascinates us. But, as we listen a few line of the song, it becomes harder for us to know the name of the song. Sometimes, the lyrics also fades away a few days later.

You can only use search engines to find a song name only & only when you can remember a few line from the song. Or else, search engines aren’t gonna help you. The only thing that can help you is some best music recognition apps. Which can find a song name from the audio playback or your own voice. So, let’s check how to find the name of a song in various ways.

Use your mobile phone to find a song

This method will only work if the music is playing in front of you right now. They don’t work if you know a few line. They need an audio source to find the song.

Shazam : Shazam is an amazing music app which has a large database of millions of recorded songs. Shazam app is available for both Android & iPhone devices. Shazam works offline too. Just activate Shazam and hold it towards the audio source. It can tag the music offline and you can find the name when you are connected to the internet.

Shazam is a freemium app, which supports up to 5 different songs identification every month. Shazam works perfect for recorded songs playback, but it doesn’t work great with live performance, because they are different from recorded songs.

SoundHound: It’s an interesting app which can recognize the song directly from music source, or you can sing the song yourself and the app will identify the song name.

Once the song is identified, you will see all details such as author, song name, album, etc. You will also be able to play the song. This app can easily be integrated with Spotify & Pandora for better experience.

MusicID: It’s like Shazam. It’s a large database of prerecorded songs. You can install their app on iPhone, Android or Java phone. Hold the app toward the music source and it will try to find the match. In most cases it does the work better than Shazam.

You can also type a phrase of lyrics if you can remember and the app will show you the song name, author and their details. And especially if you are on AT & T, you can dial #43 and hold the phone toward the song. If it can find the song name, you will receive an SMS.

Find the song name by singing or humming

So, you don’t remember the lyrics? But, you still remember the music tone? Don’t worry. There is a solution for you.

Midomi: Midomi is different than other music recognition services. You can simply go to their website, grab your microphone, hum the tune, or whistle if you can. It can recognize the dong from the tone if that song exists on their database.

It’s totally free and it is available on web or as native apps for Android & iPhone. You can hum the tune up to 10 seconds in front of your microphone. But, you must eliminate the background noise. Because, it will make it harder to recognize the tone if there is background noise.

It will be better if you have a little audio recording of the song or if you can remember a line from the song, sing it in-front of the microphone. It will make the task very easier.

Find the name of a song from lyrics

So, if you don’t know the song name or if you can remember only a few line, even two lines, you can most probably find the song name.

Lyrster: It’s a great website to find a song name by lyrics. It’s a very good lyrics searching site which shows search results from 450 websites. On the search box, just type one or two lines of the song.

You will see hundreds of matched results from various sites. But, what if two or more song comes up to the result for your searched lyrics. Then, play the songs so that you can understand it from the tone.

Google: It has a very large information about song lyrics. If the lyrics is from a very popular artist, or a popular song, Google will directly show you the result.

Or, you can go to a lyrics site from Google search results to find the name of the song. But, you have to be careful while using Google. Because, it can show you the lyrics of a different songs. So, carefully check Google’s default lyrics and top results to find your desired one.

Find the song name from recording

If you have the recording of a beautiful song, you can find it very easily. You can collect the lyrics from the audio and then search on Google or you can upload the recording to find the song name.

AudioTag: This site uses a fully different approach to find the name if a song. Most of the app can recognize the music if you hold the app towards music source. But, AudioTag requires you to upload the recorded audio so that it can find the name of the song.

It is totally free and you can upload a recording up to 2 minutes. Because the robot will analyze only first two minutes to find a match. If you upload a recording of 30-45 seconds, it can also analyze the recording.

Let others help you to find the song name

So, if every robotic way fails to find the name of your desired song, then your last hope is a human being. And, there is a wonderful platform where you can upload a small part of the song, other people will listen to it and answer the name if they know.

WatZatsong: This is a community of people who help others to find the name of a song. Anyone can simply upload a recording of a song. And, some people will listen to it and if they are familiar with the song, they will tell you the name.

It was launched back in 2006 and currently has over 550K uploads. That means 550K song name requests. You can simply be a part of the community just by uploading your recording.

Frequently asked questions

I know a few line of a song. How to find the name?

Just google the lyrics. Read a few results from the top. While reading the lyrics try to remember the tone of the song. Or, play the song so that you can recognize it.

I know the tune of the song. Can i find the name of the song?

Go to Midomi.com and sing the tone in-front of your microphone for 10 seconds. Before singing, make sure to reduce background noise.

I have recorded the song. How can i find the name?

If your recording is clear, upload it on WatZatSong.com. Other people will listen to it and answer the name. Or, you can upload it to AudioTag. It will analyze the song to find the name of the song.

A song is playing in front of me, how can i know the name?

Install SoundHound, Shazam or MusicID on your device and point your mobile to the music source. The app will try to recognize the song name from their database. But, if the song is in a live show, you may not get the answer.


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