How to delete a discord account?

Discord is addictive and interesting at the same time if you are on the right servers. But sometimes we need to leave many communities for many reasons. 

If discord is of no use to you now, you may want to delete your discord account. And deleting your discord account is not a big deal. It takes only a few minutes to delete a discord account.

But before you delete your account, you have to transfer the ownership of all of your servers. Here’s a guide on how to transfer discord server ownership. 

Transfer Ownership First
Transfer Ownership First

You can delete your account from both Discord PC and Mobile App. Follow me through this guideline to know how to delete a discord account:

Delete a discord account from the Mobile app

If you are using the Discord mobile app, follow these steps to delete your account. 

  • Open Discord App on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to User Settings > My Account > Account Management > Delete Account.
  • Enter your Discord account password.
  • Click on Delete Account.

Delete a Discord account from the Desktop App

  • Open Discord app on your computer.
  • Go to User Settings > My Account> Account Removal > Delete Account.
  • If you have transferred your servers ownership or have no servers at all, you will be asked to enter your password.
  • Enter your discord account password and tap on Delete Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to leave all the servers in order to delete my account?

No, you don’t need to leave all the joined servers to delete your account. 

Why am I seeing “You own Servers”?

It’s because you are the owner of one or multiple servers. And, you are not allowed to delete or disable a discord account if you are the owner of a server. So, transfer the server ownership first.Transfer Ownership First

Can I get back my discord ID after deleting it?

No, it’s a one-way process and you can’t get back your account or data if you delete your account.