How to Crosspost on Reddit?

Reddit is the self-claimed front-page of the internet, which is kind of true. Most of the trends that go viral start from Reddit. There are thousands of communities and millions of active users on Reddit.

There are some communities that are relevant to each other. Crossposting helps you to share the same post among communities with the original post attribute, author and subreddit where it’s posted on. 

It’s a really helpful feature if you want to get help or grab the attention of similar communities. Instead of posting the same content again and again on multiple subreddits, you can just post once and cross post on other subreddits.

But before you start cross posting on Reddit, here are some information you need:

Cross Post vs Repost

Reposting is posting the same content in the same subreddit multiple times. Suppose a user posted a picture a few months ago, then you downloaded the picture and uploaded it to the same subreddit, then it’s a repost and some subreddits don’t allow reposting at all.

On the other hand, crossposting is posting the same submission on various relevant subreddits. A crosspost contains the user who cross posted, the original author, the original subreddit, points, comments number and the link to the original post.

So cross posting and reposting is totally different. Though some subreddits don’t allow reposting and crossposting altogether.

Things to remember while cross-posting

You can’t just find a random link and start cross posting among subreddits. Doing so will result in post removal and may be a ban for suspicious activity if your submissions get downvoted by the users.

  • The first rule of cross-posting is you have to be a member of the subreddit you want to crosspost. Suppose you want to cross post a submission from /r/bitcoin to /r/crypto. Now in order to do that, you have to be a member of /r/crypto.
  • Before crossposting, make sure to read the rules of the subreddits you want to cross post in. Some subreddits are against cross posting and they cl;early mention it in their rules. If you cross post on a subreddit where cross-posting is not allowed, your post will be removed. 
  • Crosspost on relevant subreddits. Because one thing Redditors hate most is irrelevant content. They will simply downvote your submission, your post will be removed too. 
  • You can add NSFW/SPOILER on your crosspost. You can also add a flair depending on the community you want to crosspost on.

How to crosspost on Reddit

  1. Open in a web browser. 
  2. Click on the Share button under the submission you want to crosspost.
  3. Tap on Cross Post. A new tab will open.
  4. Click on Choose a community. You will see a list of available communities and your profile for cross-posting.
  5. Enter the title. The default title will be the title of the original post. But you can give a custom title. However, the original title will still be visible on the crosspost.
  6. You can’t add anything to the post body. But you can add community-available flairs or NSFW/SPOILER tags to the crosspost.
  7. Click the Post button to crosspost.
  8. This is how a crosspost will look like: 

How to crosspost on Reddit app

  1. Open the Reddit mobile app and navigate to the post you want to crosspost.
  2. Click on the Share button. In the popup, click on Crosspost on Reddit.
  3. Choose a community from the list of available communities.
  4. Click on the Rules to read the community rules. Make sure crossposting isn’t prohibited there.
  5. Give an eye-catchy title to your submission.
  6. Click on the Post button to crosspost. 

How to crosspost on Old Reddit?

Crossposting is one-step easier on the old version of Reddit. It had a dedicated crosspost button. If you are one of those who still uses old reddit, then this steps are for you:

  1. Visit from a browser.
  2. Below the submission, click on Crosspost.
  3. Choose a community for your crosspost.
  4. A list of rules set will appear, you need to follow them for proper crossposting.
  5. Give a title that explains the post you are sharing.
  6. Click on the Post button to successfully crosspost.

Cross-posting is easy and very useful. You can get help from similar subreddits for any particular issues. Just follow the rules, provide valuable content or ask meaningful questions.