How to view Full Version of Facebook on Android

use facebook full site

Facebook desktop version is the full version of Facebook with all features. One of such features is using messenger from browser. There is a lot more advantages of the desktop version aka web version of Facebook.

But, if you type or on the address bar in your Android browser, Facebook will automatically redirect you to the mobile version. Which is

But, you can easily use Facebook desktop version on your phone. But, before you do so, you must know a few warning:

  • You have to zoom in and use the Facebook desktop version on phone, as phones aren’t that bigger.
  • It might take a little bit longer to load the Facebook desktop version on phone, as it’s bigger.

How to use the Facebook Desktop version on phone?

  • Open any modern browser on your Android device.
  • Now, instead of typing or, type in the address bar.
  • Wait a few seconds, as it will load the Facebook desktop version on your phone.
  • Zoom in the page and start using FB Web version on phone.

How to use the full Facebook site on Chrome & Firefox?

Once upon a time, Desktop site request from menu used to work, but right now Facebook understands the trick and doesn’t allow the browser to force request desktop site. So, the only way to use Facebook full site on mobile is by using on your browser.

How to use the full Facebook site on iPhone?

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone.
  2. On the address bar, type and start enjoying the desktop version of Facebook on your iPhone.

This is the best way, because request Desktop version might not work perfectly all the time.

The only reliable way of using the Facebook desktop site is by using the web URL. Request desktop mode was working before, but nowadays it seems that Facebook understands the trick. So, enjoy the full features of Facebook on your phone right now.


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