How to enable WiFi Hotspot on Android?

I think all of us are familiar with hotspot. Either you use an Android or iPhone, you may have used hotspot at least once in your life. 

To explain simply, hotspot is the technology to share your network connection with other users. You can choose your hotspot name, security type and password if required. 

If you are providing hotspot,  you will be sharing network from your mobile data network. But, receivers will be connecting to your hotspot just like they connect to a WiFi. 

But, traditional hotspot had a limitation.  You an only and only share the network if you are using mobile data. Hotspot will be automatically turned off if you are turning on WiFi. 

WiFi and Hotspot won’t run simultaneously if you are using an Android version 9 or below.  To solve this problem, WiFi hotspot was introduced in Android 10 and available for Android 10 and later. 

In WiFi hotspot, you can connect to a WiFi and share the network with others via hotspot. It’s a useful feature if you want to share unlimited bandwidth,  because mobile data is limited but WiFi isn’t. 

WiFi hotspot comes by default in Android 10 or above. You can simply turn it on from the Settings. 

How to enable WiFi hotspot on Android?

  • First of all, connect to the WiFi from which you want to share the network with others. 
  • Go to Settings > Networks & Internet
  • Navigate to Hotspot &Tethering
  • Click on WiFi hotspot
  • Provide your WiFi hotspot name, select Security,  provide a password and select security band (2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz). 
  • Toggle the button to enable WiFi hotspot. 

Now when people surrounding you will turn on their WiFi, they will be able to see your hotspot name. Those whom you shared your password with, can connect to your hotspot. 

Here are some interesting facts about WiFi hotspot: 

  • If you connect 10 devices to a router, all 10 devices will be visible to the network owner. But, if you use WiFi hitspot, only your device will be visible,  every other devices connected via hotspot wil be visible only to you. 
  • You can shared unlimited bandwidth via WiFi hotspot, unlike limited mobile data connection. 
  • It consumes decent amount of charge due to heavy load. 

WiFi hotspot saved me when my LAN port of my desktop was not working. I used a WiFi dongle on my desktop and shared the network via WiFi hotspot. 

I could use USB tethering,  but it’s not possible to keep my phone connected all the time to the computer.  On the other hand, only hotspot requires Gigabytes of mobile data, which is not a sustainable option.