How to download SoundCloud songs?

Soundcloud is a popular music streaming app. It’s a cross-platform service which is available on web browsers on any device or as a native app on smartphones. It’s a great place to listen to your favorite artists.

But if you want to download songs from SoundCloud, you may not do that with a single click. Because, like YouTube, Soundcloud also allows the artist to decide whether their content will be downloadable or not.

If a song is downloadable, you will find a Download button on SoundCloud. If you are not seeing the button, that means you can’t officially download that song from Soundcloud.

This is not the end though. There are some unofficial ways to download SoundCloud songs for free. You may need to use third-party tools for that. I will be showing a step-by-step process to download music from SoundCloud.

How to download Soundcloud Songs?

I will be using a third-party tool to download any song from SoundCloud. By using this tool, over 250 songs have been downloaded from SoundCloud. And most importantly, it’s a free tool. 

Time needed: 2 minutes.

  1. Visit Klickaud from a web browser.

    As it’s a web application, you will need a web browser. And, it will work on any device and on any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Linux.
    KlickAud - Soundcloud Songs Downloader

  2. Go to Soundcloud and Copy the song link

    You will need the SoundCloud link to download the song. And, the easiest way to find a song link is to check the address bar. Or, if you are using the SoundCloud app, you can click on the Share button to get the song link.

  3. Paste the song link on KlickAud

    In the URL field of KlickAud, paste the song link copied from the Soundcloud website or app. And click on the Convert button.

  4. Wait till it converts the source file into MP3

    Depending on the duration of the audio file, the tool will need some time to convert the file into MP3 format. Whether it’s a song, podcast or any other audio file, it will be converted to MP3.

  5. Save the file as MP3 or save it as something else

    When the conversion will be finished, you will see a button called Download the song. Clicking this button will download the file as MP3 on your device. Or if you want to save it as something else, click on the Save Link As button. Clicking this button will open the audio in a new tab. And, you can save that file in any format you want.
    Download MP3 Songs from Soundcloud

  6. Continue Downloading

    If you have any more SoundCloud songs in your download list, click on Download another file and follow the above steps to continue downloading SoundCloud songs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I download Directly from Soundcloud website?

You will rarely find any song downloadable from SoundCloud. All popular artists disable the download option, as well as rising stars, also don’t allow downloading their songs. So, using a third-party tool is the best solution.

Can I download a Playlist from SoundCloud?

Unfortunately, KlickAud only supports individual track downloads. You have to download it one by one. Which is pretty time confusing, but better than not being able to download anything at all.

In which format the SoundCloud songs will be downloaded?

The tools will always convert the SoundCloud track into an MP3 file. However, you can also save the file the way you want. KlickAud allows users to save the file in the format they want or they can simply download the MP3 file.

Note: We do not support or promote piracy on Ansmehow. This tutorial is only for educational purposes and the knowledge shouldn’t be used for illegal purposes.