How to delete a yahoo mail account?

Currently, Yahoo is not what it used to be. Competitors have outperformed Yahoo in every way and due to some major security breaches, people are moving away from Yahoo. 

However, like Google, Yahoo account is related to many services owned by Yahoo, for example, Flickr. Mail, Calendar, etc. So, before deleting your Yahoo account, you must know what is about to happen when you no longer have access to your email account.

Your username will be available for reuse

Some email providers don’t allow recycling usernames even if an account is deleted/removed. But, as soon as you delete your Yahoo account, someone else can register your username.

If you are using your Yahoo email for private or professional tasks, someone else may receive your email if the username is reused. But, your account data will not be available to the new user.

You lose access to all Yahoo services

If you are using Flickr, your all photos will be removed. Your all emails and data will be removed forever. And if you are subscribed to any premium Yahoo services, your subscriptions will be canceled and you won’t get a refund.

The sender will receive a failure notification if your email is not in use anymore

After deleting your account, if someone sends an email to your email, they will receive a bounceback email saying that the email is not reachable. So, they will know that you have deleted your yahoo account.

Can I delete my Yahoo account instantly?

Unfortunately, no. Yahoo gives you 40 days to rethink your decision. Within this given period, if you change your mind, you can come back and use your account again. But once an account is deleted forever, you can’t get your data back.

How to delete a yahoo mail account?

  1. Go to Yahoo Delete User Page from any browser.
  2. Login to your Yahoo account. 
  3. Scroll down and click on Continue deleting my account.
  4. Agin type your email address and click on Yes, terminate this account.

Yahoo will hold your account for 40 days. After that, your username and all data associated with your Yahoo account will be lost forever.