How to delete a snapchat account?

If you are looking for an article to know how to delete a snapchat account, hold on, this how-to guide has a very simple way to delete a snapchat account. You can delete the account either from the mobile app or from the web browser. It’s very easy and a task of a minute. Here’s how to do it :

How to delete a snapchat account?

  • First of all, Go to from any browser.
  • You must have to visit this page as you won’t be able to delete a Snapchat account from the native app.
  • Now login with your username or email an password.  
  • If the captcha box appears, confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Select “Delete my account”
  • Enter your password again.
  • Click “Continue”.

So, is my account deleted?

It will remain deactivated for next 30 days, if you ever feel to not delete the account within this period, you can simply login again with your account details to stop the deletion process.

No, not exactly. Snapchat doesn’t offer instant deletion. You just deactivated your snapchat account by following the method. But, that’s the way to delete an account.

While your account will be deleted, you will no longer be able to access the account or save your data. Snapchat will notify you via email once the deletion is confirm.

In this 30 days period, no one will be able to reach you via snapchat. As the account will remain deactivated. And, before you delete your Snapchat account, you can download your data from Snapchat.

How to download my data from Snapchat?

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your account details.
  3. Click on “My Data”
  4. Click “Submit Request”
  5. Once the data is ready, you will get an email from Snapchat with a link.
  6. To get any kind of email from Snapchat, you will have to verify the email address with Snapchat.
  7. You can click the link and download your snapchat account data.

What is available in my Snapchat data?

Your data will be in a ZIP format, you will need a compatible software to extract files. Here are some information available in your Snapchat data :

  • Your login history and account information.
  • Your snap & chat history
  • Your purchase history
  • Snapchat support history.
  • Your profile, friends, ranking.
  • Account history, location history, search history.
  • Term history.
  • Bitmoji & Reported content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i delete my hacked account?

Unfortunately No. Because to delete a snapchat account, you will have to login to the account. If you don’t have the access to an account, you won’t be able to delete that account.

Can i reset my Snapchat password?

Yes, you can. If you have a verified email address with your Snapchat account, you can request password reset instruction at

Can I instantly delete a snapchat account?

No. Snapchat doesn’t allow instant deletion. It’s for user safety, so that if anyone unintentionally clicks the delete button, they can save their account very easily. You have to wait for 30 days straight before your account disappears. Once an account is deleted, the username will no longer be available.

Can i recover deleted Snapchat messages?

No. Snapchat doesn’t allow users to restore deleted messages. So, if you have done it by mistake, there is no way to restore it.

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