How to delete a Page in Google Docs

Google docs is a perfect word processor which you can access from any device, any web browser. But, like any other text editors, you might face formatting errors. Especially if you are working with a large document, it’s not impossible to have a few blank pages in your document.

But, there is no direct option to delete a page in Google Docs. However there are several ways to get this job done. We will discuss a 3 ways to delete a blank page in Google docs.

How to delete a Page in Google Docs

There are several ways depending on whether you are deleting a blank page in Google Docs or you want to remove a page with unnecessary content.

Method 1 : Highlight and Delete

If the page is not blank, but still you want to remove the page with all content in it, just select them all and press the backspace button. And, if the page is empty, click on the top of the page and hit backspace. 

Method 2: Delete a blank page in Google Docs

If you want to delete an empty page in Google Docs, go to the bottom of the top page of the blank page. And hit the Delete/Backspace button. The blank page will be deleted from your Google Docs. 

Method 3: Adjust the page margins

This is the only reliable way to delete a page without deleting a few lines from your document. Sometimes, we need a new page for writing 1 or 2 lines. It doesn’t look so nice.

Instead of cutting those lines, we can adjust the page margin to make space for them in a single page. To adjust the margins:

  • Click File from the Menu bar. 
  • Select Page Setup from the menu. 
  • Mainly edit Right and Left margin. If some text still remains in the next page,  edit both top and bottom margins. 

As there is no direct option to delete a page in Google Docs, you have to do it manually. 

Bonus: Here is the video guideline of this tutorial.