How to delete a Discord server?

You can do one of two things when you don’t want a discord server anymore. Transfer the server ownership to someone else so the legacy goes on, or delete it yourself. 

You can only delete a server when you own it; users with admin/moderator roles can’t delete a server. 

How to delete a Discord server?

Launch the Discord desktop app on your computer and sign in to your account that owns the server you will delete. There’s a left sidebar with all of the servers. 

Right-click on the server icon you want to remove and go to Server Settings

Click on Server Settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the left navigation panel and click on Delete Server.

Click on Delete Server

A pop-up will ensure you that you can’t undo this action. Click on the Delete Server button.

Again click on Delete Server

If you have two-factor enabled, enter the auth code and click the Delete Server button. It will instantly delete the server from your account. 

Enter auth code to delete.

Those who don’t have two-factor authentication on their account will be asked to type the Server Name in a text box to confirm the deletion. 

It is a one-way process. For instance, if you delete your discord account, you have 14 days to think about the decision and return, but when you delete a server, it just disappears permanently. 

Discord will delete everything related to the server from your account, and you can’t get back a deleted server. So, make sure you are 100% sure about deleting a server. 

How to delete a Discord server on Mobile App?

I greatly respect those who operate a server from their smartphone; they struggle to keep it going. But sometimes, you may get rid of some spare servers. 

So, first, open the Discord app on your smartphone and go to the app’s homepage. Sometimes you can be inside a DM or text channel, so press the back button to go to the homepage. 

Tap and hold the server icon from the left sidebar of the Discord app. Then go to More Options from the menu. 

Now tap on Settings, and it will take you to the Server Settings. There are various options; click on Overview

Scroll down to the bottom of the Overview page and click on Delete Server. A pop-up will want your confirmation; tap on Yes

Copy the 6-digit authentication code from Google Authenticator and paste it on the text box. Then tap on Delete Server

That’s it. Your server is deleted. 

Deleting a server requires ownership privilege. The important thing is ownership doesn’t mean you have to create the server yourself. If someone transferred the ownership of a server to you, it could be deleted from your account. 

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