How to clear the cache in Google Chrome?

How to clear cache in Google Chrome

You should always clear the Google Chrome cache, because cache pre-stores static assets from a site, so that site can load faster when you again visit the site. But, when you visit numerous sites every day, the cache site could be huge.

So, it’s better to clear the cache to free up some storage on your device. On the other hands, cookies are bad for user’s privacy. Because, some sites steal user cookies as they are basically stored on the device.

It’s very easy to clear cache in Google Chrome, either it’s on a mobile or computer. You can do it very easily. Here is the method to clear the Google Chrome cache:

How to clear cache in Google Chrome on Windows?

  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys at the same time.
  • Select the time range. There 5 options. Last hour, last 24 hours, seven days, 4 weeks or all time.
  • Now, from the list of all data, select Cached images and files. You can also select other collected data.
  • Click on Clear data button, it will delete the Google Chrome Cache.
How to clear the cache in Google Chrome? 1

How to clear cache in Google Chrome on Android , iOS & Mac?

  1. Open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the menu icon from the top right corner, which looks like this: menu
  3. Click Settings from the menu. 
  4. Go to Advanced > Privacy
  5. Click on Clear browsing data
  6. Select the time range and mark Cached images and videos. 
  7. Then click the Clear Data button to clear the Google Chrome cache. 

How to clear Google Chrome Cache easily?

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser on any device.
  2. On the address bar, type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  3. Select the time period and whatever you want to delete. If you want to delete only cached items, select Cached images and videos.
  4. Tap on Clear data button. That’s it.

Frequently asked questions

My browser is freezing while deleting the browsing data. What should I do?

You can delete one by one. It will do the task faster than altogether.

Should I delete download history?

Yes, you can delete it if you want. It will delete only the history, actual files won’t be deleted.


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