How to Check Word Count in Google Docs

  • Microsoft Word shows word count by default. Google Docs has this feature built-in, it’s just not enabled by default.
  • Word Count is a crucial factor if you are a content writer or working on a document which has word limit.
  • You can check word count in all versions of Google Docs, meaning it’s available in Web version or app version in Android & iOS.
  • In the web version, you can view the word count while typing. On the app version, you can have a look at the word count in the middle of your work or after finishing your work or whenever you want.  It’s just not visible while typing in the app.

As a content creator of Ansmehow, I have to write thousands of words every single day. And while writing awesome articles for this blog, I have to make sure that I am providing all necessary information in my articles.

Word count in Google docs helps me a lot. If the article is too small, I double check if I am missing any important points. If the article is too big, I make sure there’s no unnecessary information inserted in the article just to make it longer.

Google Docs is my go-to document editor on all devices. I would be happy if it was enabled by default in Google docs. But, you can enable word count in Google docs. The problem is you have to enable it for every single document you create. After enabling, if you ever refresh the document page, you have to re-enable it.

Check Word Count in Google Docs in Web Version

  • Visit Google Docs and create/open a document in which you want to check the word count.
  • From the navigation panel, click on Tools > Word count or Press Ctrl + Shift + C at the same time.
  • A pop-up will appear with page number, word number, and characters number. If you want to display the word count while typing, mark Display word count while typing.
  • Click Ok to save changes.
Display Word Count While Typing

Check Word Count in Google Docs in App on Android/iPhone

  • Open the Docs app in your smartphone (Android/iPhone)
  • Enter into the document in which you want to check the word count.
  • Click the menu icon (which looks like ) and then click on Word count.
  • You will see words and characters count.

The main difference between web and app is in apps, you can check whenever you want. But you won’t be able to display the word count while typing. 

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