How to change Reddit username? Is it possible?

Reddit is one of the most visited websites in this world. But, the problem is you won’t be able to change your reddit username, once it’s created. There is no way to do it, you can’t even capitalize your name after creating your account. 

And, Reddit username is usable only for once. If you delete your reddit account, you bury your username with your account. No one will ever be able to use the same username again. 

Here is the official statement provided by Reddit: 

How to change Reddit Username?

It is not possible to change your username after you create it. This includes modifying your current username in any way, even just changing the capitalization of your name.

Any other social sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter allows you to change your username, but Reddit never allows such activity. Then, what is the possible solution?

The only way to get your favorite username or make corrections if your current username is wrong is to create a new reddit account

  1. If you create a new reddit account, you can choose a new unique username for your account. 
  2. Your new account will have no data from your old account.
  3. You will lose everything such as your submissions, comments, Reddit points, etc. 
  4. But, you can use your same email address to create a new Reddit account. 

But, you can change your public display name. Which is obviously not the username that identifies you. Public display name will be visible in your profile at the top of your username. To change your display name:

How to create a new Reddit account? 

  • Go to and log out of your old account if you are still logged in. 
  • Click the Sign Up button at the top right corner. 
  • Enter your valid email and click Next. 
  • Now, wisely pick your username as it’s not changeable. 
  • Pick a strong password and complete the signup process.

Even though Reddit doesn’t need email verification to start using their site. But, it’s highly recommended. If you have a verified email, you can reset password if you forget it.